How do I upload WooCommerce products to Etsy?

Using our plugin, you can upload your WooCommerce products to Etsy within a few clicks. Let's learn how to do that:

First, if you haven't connected your WooCommerce and Etsy, please go through this article as it has the step by step process on how you can do that.

After connecting your Woo Commerce and Etsy using the plugin, please follow the steps below to upload your Woo Commerce products to Etsy.

  • Go to Etsy feed.

  • Go to Create Feed (You'll see the option if you want to upload the whole collection or individual products. Choose according to your requirements)

  • Choose a Woo Commerce Category(Select the products you want to upload to Etsy)

  • Choose the respective Etsy Category for your products(This is the category that your Product will be sent to on Etsy)

  • Name the feed and click on Create Feed.

  • Click on Upload to Etsy

  • Select Variation Upload type as you require(The first option combines your variation, and the second option will send your variations as it is on WooCommerce).

  • Click on Start Uploading, and your products will start uploading to Etsy.

  • You can see that Product on your Etsy draft section after the upload is complete.

Any changes you make to the uploaded products on WooCommerce will be updated on Etsy automatically by the plugin.

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