Setting Weight and Dimension in Shopify products from the app itself.

How do I add weight and dimensions to my products from the Etsy Integration & Sync App?

If you are using a calculated shipping profile, you need to have the weights and dimension units on your products in Shopify. You can add those values manually to Shopify products or use our advanced command feature to add them within our app itself.

Let's learn how to add the values from Etsy Integration & Sync. It can be done in 4 to 5 simple steps. Please note that this can only be done in the products you are trying to upload to Etsy using the app.

  • You can see that the products that don't have weights and dimension units will get the error below.

You can apply the advanced command in the product list and provide the default values for weights and dimensions that will be applied to all of the products included in that list.

  1. Go to the "Upload products" tab on the app.

  1. Click on the " Edit Product " button:

  1. And you will be redirected to the page below:

  1. Click on the "Click Here" button to see the box to use the advanced commands.

  1. Click on the " More Advanced Commands " button, and you will see the box to use the advanced commands.

  1. Provide the exact advanced command with a value and input the value accordingly.
  • setAttributeDefault weight as "your value"
  • setAttributeDefault weight_unit as "your value"
  • setAttributeDefault length as "your value"
  • setAttributeDefault height as "your value"
  • setAttributeDefault width as "your value"

  1. You can then click on "Continue" and upload your products to Etsy. The products will be uploaded with the values in weights and dimensions.

  1. Go to Etsy, where the products are uploaded with those values.

This is how you can add your weight and dimensions from our app itself.

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