How do I upload Shopify products to Etsy?

If you are looking to expand your product sales and want to send your Shopify products to Etsy, you can do that easily by following the steps below:

You'll need to connect your Etsy store with our app first so that you can send your Shopify products to Etsy. If you haven't done that already, please go through this documentation.

Now, after you've connected your Shopify and Etsy stores using our app, please follow the steps below to start uploading products.

  • Go to the Dashboard of our app
  • Click Sell on Etsy.
  • You'll see the option if you want to upload the whole collection or individual products. Choose according to your requirements.
    [Make sure that all of your products are added to a Shopify collection]
  • Choose the collection you want to upload under Your Shopify Collections.
  • Select the respective Etsy category you want the products to be listed under.
  • Select the shipping profile you want to use
    [Click here to learn how to create a shipping profile on Etsy if you haven't done that already].
  • Click on Continue.
  • Give a name to the product feed and click on Next: Upload to Etsy.
  • Click on Upload [number of items] product(s) to Etsy and your products will be start to upload.
  • Go to your Etsy Shop Manager and you will see your products there.

Please note that any new products added to that Shopify collection will automatically be uploaded to Etsy. You won't have to re-upload the feed each time you add a product.

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