Image Backround Issues

Why are my image backgrounds changed to black on Etsy?

Let's learn why the image background on Etsy products is sometimes changed to black.

As per the Etsy image listing requirements, the image in your shop should be one of these file types: .jpg, .gif, or .png. These are the only image file types Etsy supports. 

Animated .gif files & transparent .png files are not supported. If a file contains transparency, the transparent parts of the image will appear black on Etsy.

For example:

  • Here is a product in Shopify with an image having a transparent background.
  • When I uploaded it to Etsy, the background turned black for that image.

The background turned black because the background in that product's image in the Shopify was transparent. You can learn more about the Etsy image listing requirements through this article.

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