Can I use Etsy Integration & Sync to send my Etsy products to Shopify?

Yes, you can create/import your Etsy product on Shopify. If the SKU from Etsy was not found on your Shopify, you can create that product on Shopify with just a few clicks on our app.

Let's look into the process with a reference product:
The product shown in this screenshot is not available on Shopify:

You can now easily create that Etsy product on Shopify. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the select option before that product SKU or you can select all if you want to create all of your non-existent Etsy products on Shopify
  2. Click on Create selected on Shopify, and it will ask for your confirmation
  3. It will then start creating that Etsy product on Shopify. Once it's complete, click on done.
  4. You can then go to your Shopify store's products section and check the product on your Shopify.

After the product is created on Shopify, it will start syncing regularly between Shopify and Etsy. Any order made on Etsy will be sent to Shopify for fulfillment and inventories are updated. Please do note that Shopify will act as the source of the product now. Any changes made on Shopify would reflect on Etsy.

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