Orders page.

All the Etsy orders and their status will be shown on this page.

Please Note: our app only syncs Etsy orders which are from after the installation from our app.

Let's learn about all the sections on this page:

  • All: This section includes all the Etsy orders synced to our application.

  • Unfulfilled: All the Etsy orders that are synced to our application and successfully synced to Shopify for fulfillment will be listed here.

  • Fulfilled: Orders that have been successfully synced to Shopify and fulfilled from Shopify are listed in this section.

  • Failed to post: Those orders that are synced to our application but due to some errors or not matching the criteria to be synced will be listed in this section. We can resolve the received errors and manually sync those orders.

  • Fetch Order: Due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes the Etsy orders are not able to sync to our app even though those orders are paid. We can simply fetch that order by clicking the "Fetch Order" button, as shown in the screenshot below:

Once you click on the Fetch Order button, you will be asked to enter the Etsy order ID. Enter the valid Etsy order ID and click on Fetch. It will sync that order ID to our application. If all the criteria are met, it will sync that order to Shopify for fulfillment.

Please note: Your Etsy order ID must be paid in order to sync with our application. Based on matching SKUs, it will be synced to Shopify for fulfillment.

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