How to create a Shipping profile on Etsy?

Let's learn how to create shipping profiles on Etsy.

A shipping profile is essentially a collection of shipping-related settings that you can apply to item listings in one fell swoop instead of entering them one by one. In order to start selling products on Etsy, users must create one.

Let's jump right into the steps on how to create a shipping profile on Etsy:

  1. Go to your Etsy Shop. 
  2. Go to Setting
  3. Choose Shipping Settings
  4. Select Add profile 

  5. Select the Shipping fixed profile type. (Please note that, Etsy does not allow us to import calculated shipping as they do not provide it in their API)

  6. Enter the required details accordingly and save the profile

Then you can start selling your products on Etsy without any issues. The shipping for your products will be done according to the details you've provided in the profile.

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