Getting Started with Wix Faire Integration & Sync

Welcome! This quick onboarding process will guide you through setting up the Wix Faire Integration and Sync App.


  1. Install the App

    • Go to the Wix App Store.
    • Search for "Faire Integration and Sync App".
    • Add the app to Site.

  1. Select a Plan and Start a Free Trial

    • After installation, you will be redirected to the Pricing page.
    • Choose a plan that suits your needs.
    • A 7-day free trial is available on every plan.

  1. Connect Faire Store

    • Provide your Faire Store API Key to connect your store with the app.

  1. Configure Currency Settings

    • Enable support for multiple currencies between your Wix store and Faire.

  1. Set Up Inventory Synchronization

  • Choose the synchronization settings for your inventory:
    • Sync quantity: Keep quantities consistent for products with similar SKUs in both stores.
    • Sync Wix to Faire: This allows two-way synchronization for:
      • Quantity
      • Product status (active/inactive)
      • Deleted products (removal from Wix will reflect on Faire)
    • Sync Wix quantity to Faire: Update Faire with your Wix store's product quantities.
    • Sync Wix product status to Faire: Ensure product statuses are aligned across both platforms.
    • Sync deleted products on Wix to Faire: Products removed from your Wix store will be deactivated on Faire.

  1. Select Pricing Strategy

    • Choose which product price to sync with Faire (Discounted or Actual).
    • Decide whether to send Retail or Wholesale pricing to Faire.
    • Define a conversion rate to synchronize your wholesale and retail pricing structures if applicable.

  1. Configure Faire to Wix Synchronization
    • Enable synchronization of product quantities from Faire to your Wix store.
    • Decide whether to import Retail or Wholesale pricing to Wix.

  1. Order Management

    • The app allows you to import orders from Faire into your Wix store.
    • During import, you can choose to:
      • Include the commission amount from Faire in your Wix store.
      • Select how to identify clients (by Client Name or Company Name).

  1. Onboarding Complete!
    • Once you've configured these settings, the onboarding process is complete.
    • You will be redirected to the Wix Faire Integration and Sync App dashboard.

Navigating through the App

  • Dashboard: This page provides a quick overview of your Wix and Faire store products, including the last export time, active products, unlinked products, and total categories.

  • Products: Lists all your Wix store products and allows you to export them in bulk or individually to Faire.

  • Categories: Shows a list of all your Wix store product categories.

  • Faire Products: Lists all products from your Faire store, with options to import them to your Wix store or delete them if already imported.

  • Linked Products: Shows products linked between your Wix and Faire stores based on matching SKUs for easier monitoring and management.

  • Orders: Displays a list of all orders received in your Faire store, including order status and details like items, quantities, and pricing.

  • Subscription Plan: Shows your current pricing plan for the app and lets you upgrade if needed.

  • Settings: Allows you to modify settings configured during onboarding, such as inventory sync options, order import settings, and currency settings.

  • FAQ: Provides answers to frequently asked questions about the app's functionalities.

  • Contact Us: Offers a contact form to reach the app's support team for any questions or assistance.
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