Image Limitations

Why are all of my Shopify images not showing up on Etsy?

Etsy API Image limitations 

Like any other E-commerce marketplace, Etsy also allows you to have images in your products. So, if the users have the images on their products on Shopify and then upload them to Etsy using Etsy Integration & Sync(we use Etsy API to help them upload their Shopify products to Etsy easily), the images will be uploaded as well.

Many users might be asking this question.

Why aren't all of my images transferring to Etsy, and why aren't the images changing according to the variation selected while viewing the products?

There are some rules and requirements according to the Etsy API which we need to keep in mind. And they are:

  • Users can have 10 images per listing(one being the primary image). So, even if you have more than 10 images, only the first 10 will be uploaded.
  • Also, another vital piece of information, according to the Etsy API, that you need to know is that if you have the exact number of images according to their requirements and only one variation attribute in the product, the images will change with the respective variation chosen while viewing the product. 
    For example, There's a shirt with color variations and images according to those variations. In that case, the images will change according to the variation you select on Etsy. But if you have more than one variation, like color and size, the images cannot be changed according to the variations selected while viewing the product.

If you want to learn more about the image requirements on Etsy, you can visit Etsy's help and guide.

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