What is Inventory Settings?

eBay limits the seller on the listing that can be listed and sold. You can easily view your seller limits by visiting your eBay seller hub. So for this case, you can either request eBay support to increase the limit or limit the inventory sent to eBay while uploading products from our app.

How to limit inventory and upload products to eBay from our app?

If you selected the products/collection to upload then you would be required to create/choose the existing profile. If you need any help on how to upload products to eBay, please take a look at this guide.

On the profile creation page, you will see "Additional Settings". Please click that button and load the extra settings

Inside profile page

Once you load the settings, enable the inventory settings "Override inventory with fixed inventory for eBay products?" and enter the quantity you want to upload with.

Inventory settings picture

The minimum quantity should override should be greater than 0. Once you have filled the form and the rest of the profile you can proceed to upload. If the product is a variation product all the variants will be uploaded with your selected quantity.

How will inventory sync work when there is an eBay order?

Inventory sync for the product that is uploaded overriding the normal quantity works a bit differently than usual.

Consider a scenario of a Shopify Product with 2 variants

Variant 1 = 30 stock

Variant 2 = 25 stock

This product is uploaded to eBay by limiting the quantity to 5. On eBay the stock of the product becomes

Variant 1 = 5 stock

Variant 2 = 5 stock

Now if there is an order for variant 1 on eBay with quantity 2. Now the inventory sync will reduce 2 quantities from the Shopify product. And the latest inventory in Shopify becomes:

Variant 1 = 28 stock, Variant 2 = 25 stock

However, on eBay even though you have received orders with 2 quantities but you still have enough inventory in your Shopify product, variant 1 will be updated to 5 and refilled again

When will your inventory sync won't work properly?

If you are a seller who has the same SKU in multiple products and you have uploaded to eBay then you must be informed and careful on how inventory sync will work on this case. To understand in more detail let's consider a scenario.

2 products on Shopify

Product 1 with "test" SKU with 10 quantities

Product 2 with "test" SKU with 5 quantities

Now you have uploaded product 1 to eBay by limiting the quantity to 5. Now if there is any change to inventory in product 2 let's say the quantity is reduced to 3. Now the inventory sync will update the product 1 quantity to 3 as well. So you might be seeing discrepancies in the inventory of the products with the same SKU.

That's it! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. Happy selling!

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