What is a profile and how to create them?

What is a Profile?

A profile is a list of the settings which contains all the configurations for uploading your Shopify product to the eBay marketplace. You can create a profile while uploading the products and there are different configurations to upload it. Once you have created a profile you can select from the existing one which helps you to save your time.

How to create a Profile?

Once you select the Shopify products/Shopify collections to upload then you will be redirected to a page to create/choose a profile.

If you have already created a profile earlier then you will see this option to choose the profile. If you don't see it then don't worry you can once it is created.

Existing profiles shows the list of previously created profile.

Business Policies

Business policies are the set of policies required while uploading a listing to eBay. It consists of Shipping Policy, Payment Policy, and Return policy. If you do not have any of these policies or you want a new policy rather than the existing ones then you can click on the link provided on the banner which will redirect you to a page on eBay where you can create policies on eBay. Click on "Refetch Policies" once you are done creating policies on eBay.

This is the dashboard of eBay where you can create business policies.

Category and its attributes

In the categories section, you have to select a category in which the products you have selected will be listed on eBay so, choose your categories carefully. Here you can search your categories with a keyword and scroll down to load more.

Once you have selected a category then depending on the category you will be shown conditions and attributes mapping that are required for that specific category. Some Categories on eBay might not need any conditions or attributes mapping.

While selecting the attributes mappings some of the attributes might be multiple-selected and some might be single-selected so depending on the type please select the attribute. Here you can select from the list given by eBay so you can map it to the listed Shopify attribute

Depending on the attribute you can also add custom attributes that are not suggested by eBay and cannot be mapped to Shopify's attribute. To do so you can simply type the custom attribute. The screenshot below shows John Doe as a custom attribute. Once you click on Add option then the attribute will be selected and you can deselect it in the future.

Price Setting

Price setting options let you increase the price of the products you are uploading to eBay by a fixed amount or by a percentage. Select wisely and change the price that fits best.

Title Setting

While uploading products to eBay If you want to add a prefix or a suffix to Shopify's product title then Title Setting will be helpful to you. You can enable this checkbox and set the prefix and suffix that you require.

If you feel like you do not want to sync the title, price or description leave these sync settings unchecked but if you want to sync every change made on these attributes then check these settings.

What is the profile name?

Once you have filled all the details in the profile then you can save the setting with a profile name. These settings can be used for automatically selecting the profile with the same setting for the next time you upload again to eBay. Please make the user give a proper name explaining the configurations you have set it. Once you fill it then you can proceed to upload the products.

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