Real time inventory Sync

How does real-time inventory sync work in Etsy Integration & Sync?

You can synchronize the inventory of your products between Shopify and Etsy in real time using Etsy Integration & Sync. You can link the products or upload products from one platform to another, and the system will handle the rest. 

Let's understand how the real-time inventory synchronization works. Please note that it needs to collaborate with three different platforms (Etsy, Our Application & Shopify) for your products to be in sync.

So, here's how it works: first, we call the API from Shopify or Etsy to import the data. After that, we process that data in our system. And finally, we send that processed data to the next platform (Shopify or Etsy) by calling the API once again to sync everything between Shopify and Etsy.

Thus, please understand that the process is usually done within a real time, and sometimes it might take a few minutes.

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