Rakuten Product Feed Overview

Below are the attributes you need to provide to enable Rakuten Advertising Social, Display, and Search channels to promote and target your products. Some attributes are required for all items, while others are recommended. We use the term item to describe a single product or sale listing. When using a Text delimited format, an item is equivalent to one line in your data feed.

Rakuten supports various feed types but prefers a Google Product Feed/File. The product feeds we support are Comma Separated (.csv) or Tab Delimited (.tsv or .txt) as well as compressed Zip (.zip) and GZip (.gz) files. In the TSV format, you’ll include the attribute names in the first row (i.e., header) separated by a tab. You are then starting on the second row, including the corresponding values under each attribute name. An example using some of the required attributes would look like the table below.


Key for Required attributes:  RD = Required Display  RS = Required Social  OD = Optional Display  RSEM = Required Search
Attribute Channel Status Additional Notes  Attribute Description
id RD, RS, RSEM Required A unique identifier for the item. The interchangeable name is ‘SKU.’ It must not change after the item is created. It must correspond with the item identifier used in the tagging on-site. Any duplicate values will be collapsed into one using the first occurrence in the file when possible.
title RD, RS, RSEM Required Item name. The text should be no longer than 70 characters.
brand RD, RS, RSEM Required Brand name of the product. It is required for each product with an associated brand or manufacturer.
description RD, RS, RSEM Required Additional details about the item.
google_product_category RS, RSEM, OD Required Indicates the category of your item based on the Google product taxonomy. These are preset categories.
item_group_id RD, RS, RSEM Required The shared identifier for all variants of the same product (if the item comes in different colors/sizes). If you have a “Parent SKU” shared by all product variants, you can provide that as the value for ‘item group id.’ The ‘item group id’ attribute differs from the ‘ID’ attribute. An ‘item group id’ attribute will have shared values for a group of variants, whereas the ‘ID’ attribute should have unique values across a group of variants and for all other items. The values provided for ‘item group id’ must be unique between products and only shared by items that are variants of the same product. This is used to collapse all variations of the same product into a single product object.
link RD, RS, RSEM Required URL that directly links to the product.
Image_link RD, RS, RSEM Required URL that directly links to the product image. Minimum 600x600pm. We support multiple image_links when available. Use image_link_x and replace x with a number.
price RD, RS, RSEM Required Original item price value and currency.
sale_price RD, RS, RSEM Required if the sale price differs from the regular price Current item price value and currency.
availability RD, RS, RSEM Required Designates whether the product is currently available. The availability attribute has only four accepted values: in-stock, out-of-stock, preorder, and backorder.
GTIN RSEM, RS Required Use the ‘GTIN’ attribute to submit Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) in one of the following formats: UPC (in North America): 12-digit number, EAN (in Europe/GTIN-13): 13-digit number, JAN (in Japan/GTIN-13): 8- or 13-digit number. Also known as a barcode.
mpn RSEM Required A Manufacturer Part Number is used to uniquely identify a specific product among all products from the same manufacturer.
additional image link RSEM, RS Recommended for Search; Required for Social/Publisher feeds If you have additional images for this item, include them in this attribute. For example, if you have images that show the product from a different angle than the main image, or if you have images of the packaging or the product in various settings. You can include up to 10 additional images per item by including the attribute multiple times. For tab-delimited, separate each URL by a comma. For XML, include each URL as a separate <additional_image_link> attribute.
condition RSEM Required Condition of the product. There are only three accepted values: New, Refurbished, and Used.
gender RSEM Required The gender for which your product is intended. Three predefined values are accepted: Male, Female, and Unisex.
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