Automatic Products Linking between Shopify and Etsy.

You can easily sync your products between Shopify and Etsy if they have matching SKUs, titles, and the exact nature of the product.

If a product is single on one platform, it should also be single on the other platform. Similarly, if a product is a variation on one platform, it should also be a variation on the other platform.

Let's learn how products are automatically linked and their criteria within our application:

We have divided into two sections for the automatic products linking:

  1. Linked Product: This section lists the products that are fully linked between Shopify and Etsy. There are a few criteria to be listed in this section:

  • Product should have the same titles and SKUs.
  • If a single product with no variations has different titles but the same SKU, it will be displayed in this section.
  • For the variations products (e.g., size and color), the variation count, variation product titles, and SKUs must be the same and will be listed here.

Important Note: If overwrite settings are enabled for the linked products section listings, any changes made in Shopify will also appear on Etsy.

  1. Linked SKU: Below are the criteria that will be listed in this section:

  • For variation products that do not have an equal number of variant options, such as size and color, between Shopify and Etsy but are linked based on SKUs.
  • For the single products that have shared SKUs in Etsy and only one product is linked with Shopify, the other products that cannot be linked will be listed here. The order and inventory will be synced for these products based on SKUs.

Important Note: Only order and Inventory will be synced based on the matching SKUs.

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