Automatic Products Linking between Shopify and Etsy.

Are you looking to sync every product detail in your existing products between Shopify and Etsy?

You can easily sync your products between Shopify and Etsy if they have matching SKUs, titles, and the exact nature of the product. If a product is single on one platform, it should also be single on the other platform. Similarly, if a product is a variation on one platform, it should also be a variation on the other platform.

  1. You will see the screen below when you connect your Shopify and Etsy stores. 

  1. Click on the Etsy products overview option.

(If you have the same products on Shopify and Etsy, they will be automatically linked. It will show you the detailed table with the linked products and not linked products.)

For example, let's look into the products below:

  • If you go to the Etsy products section, you can see the list of "Linked", "Linked SKU", "Imported to Shopify", "Not linked", and "Need Attention" tabs.
  • Clicking on the Linked products will show you all the linked products between Shopify and Etsy.

So, if you already have the same products on Shopify and Etsy, they will be linked without issues. You can control the availability of the products or make any other updates from a single place, which is Shopify. These updates will automatically reflect on Etsy as well.

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