Recent Updates on Etsy Shipping Profile Policies

What are the new changes on Etsy Shipping profiles?

Etsy has just introduced a standard that influences existing and new shipping profile templates on Etsy. 

The shipping profiles for the current product listings and the new products you create on Etsy require an Origin Zip code, a Shipping Carrier, and delivery time.

We need to imply those changes so that the products between Shopify and Etsy keep on syncing. So if you have any missing values in your shipping profiles, please follow the steps below that show how you can add the necessary values to your shipping profile on Etsy.

  • Go to the Shipping settings on your Etsy.
  • You can save the origin zip code for all shipping profiles at once by clicking on edit origin postcode.
  • You can edit the Shipping profiles one by one as well. Please note that you'll need to provide the information for the Country of origin, Origin zip code, Processing time, Shipping carrier, and Delivery time.
  • You need to fill out the mandatory fields.
Country of Origin This field will change when you enter the Origin zip code. If it doesn't automatically change, you can select the United States or choose according to your need.
Origin zip code This is the new required field. So, please enter a valid zip code.
Processing time Please set the value accordingly, as this is the typical time it takes to process and produce the products.
Shipping carrier This is a newly required field, and you can select either a significant carrier or "Other." You can choose according to your needs.
Delivery time/Mail class You can select the major delivery service, which will have its delivery days or others, and select the delivery time accordingly.
  • Here's an example of one complete Shipping profile.

If you add all the mandatory fields and update your Shipping profile on Etsy, your products between Shopify and Etsy will continue to sync smoothly.

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