Send Etsy products to Shopify

Are you trying to upload your Etsy products to Shopify?

Follow the steps below to send your products from Etsy to Shopify:

  • It will import your Etsy products into our app(Etsy Integration & Sync).

    (In the Not Linked section, you can see your products from Etsy that you'd like to send to Shopify.)

  • Select the products you want to upload to Shopify, and you will see an "Import to Shopify" button. The button "Import to Shopify" appeared at the bottom can import the bulk of selected products in Shopify. Please click on it, and it will start uploading the selected products to Shopify.

  • You will see the "Delete from Etsy" button while selecting the product. It will remove products from the Etsy app.

Note: Click on it if you want to remove the product from the Etsy app.

  • You can see the products you sent from Etsy to Shopify in the "Imported to Shopify" section.

    (The products update, order, and inventory will be synced regularly between Shopify and Etsy for these products. Please note that Shopify will act as the source of the product as the update will work from Shopify to Etsy.)

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