Shopify Collections upload to Etsy

Are you trying to upload a whole Shopify collection to Etsy?

Follow the steps below to upload your whole Shopify collection to Etsy:

  • Go to the "Upload Products" section in Etsy Integration & Sync.
  • Then click on "Upload Products to Etsy" button, which will redirect you to the Product upload page of our app. 
  • Click the "Upload products to Etsy" button, which will show you the option to upload collections(bulk) or select individual products.
  • ( Choose the first one that says upload products in bulk.)
  • Choose the Shopify collections that you want to upload to Etsy.
    ( Please note that only the active collection from Shopify is imported into the system.)
  • Search the respective Etsy category for your Shopify products and click on "save."
  • Select the Etsy Shipping profile you want to use in these products on Etsy.
  • Give your products list a name and click "Upload to Etsy."
  • Finally, just click on upload to Etsy again.
    (Your products will be uploaded to Etsy with all the details from Shopify, and any new products you add to this Shopify collection will automatically upload to Etsy.)

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