Installation and Setup

Install Etsy Integration & Sync in your Shopify store

The link below lets you quickly access the app in your Shopify store.
Etsy Integration & Sync

Connecting the Etsy store in the app

  • You'll see this configuration as soon as you add the app to your Shopify and log into it.
    (You can choose whether you want to sync both order & inventory, only inventory, or not sync them between Shopify and Etsy)
  • Choose the product update settings as per your requirements.
    (You can choose whether you want the product attributes such as title, tags, and price synced from Shopify to Etsy in your connected products)
  • Finally, connect your Etsy store.
  • Authorize access from Etsy(you are redirected to the Etsy store end and then allowed access.)
  • Choose your next step according to your requirements.

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