Getting the API key from Faire

Connecting Shopify and Faire

What is an API key?

An API key is a code to identify and authenticate an application or user. You will need that to connect your Faire store to Shopify.

How do I get the API key from Faire?

To get the Faire API key, you need to log into first and follow these steps.

Steps to get API Key from Faire:

  • Go to and sign in to your account.
  • After logging in click here to get the API key.
  • Your API key will appear at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Simply copy the API key and paste it into the text box labeled "Faire API Key."

    Please note that the application is only for Brands selling on

    If you don't have a store on yet, please go to their website first and register an account by clicking on the link given

After receiving the API key, please open the application and paste the API key. Then your Shopify store will be connected with you Faire store.

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