Syncing Etsy orders to Shopify

How are my Etsy orders synced with Shopify?

If you upload your products from Shopify to Etsy using our app or link the existing products, the orders will automatically start syncing between the two stores.

Let's learn how the sync is handled.

  1. First, you must enable the option to "Enable Both Order and Inventory Sync" in our app.

Since the products are connected, whenever any products get ordered on Etsy, our app will import them into our system and send them to your Shopify.

And when you fulfill the order from Shopify, the app will update the order and mark it as fulfilled on Etsy with all the data. 

Here's a quick example with one order from our local store:

  • This is a new Etsy order for the product we sent from Shopify using the app.

  • The order is imported into the app, which you can see in the orders section. As you can see, it has been sent to Shopify so that we can fulfill it from there.

Please Note: If your order is not sent to Shopify for some reason, you can also send it yourself from the app. Here's an article for that.

  • You can see that order in the Shopify orders section.

  • When we fulfill that order from Shopify, it will also be updated on Etsy with all the data, like tracking numbers.

Please note that it works the other way as well. If you fulfill the order on Etsy, it will update that information on Shopify.

So, this is how your orders are handled by the app so that you can say goodbye to those manual updates you were doing previously.

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