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How is inventory sync handled by Etsy Integration & Sync?

First of all, please note that once you connect the Shopify and Etsy products, the source of the product will be Shopify. If you're connecting already existing products, the quantity from Shopify will overwrite the quantity on Etsy.

There are two different ways how you track inventory on Shopify.

  • Track Inventory
  • Continue Selling when out of stock/Do not track inventory

Track Inventory

If you have selected this option, Shopify will track the quantity of your product. If the inventory goes below 1, buyers won't be able to purchase the product. So, if you link the products using our app, your exact quantity in Shopify will be shown/updated on Etsy. However, if your product goes out of stock on Shopify, it will be sent to the inactive section on Etsy. This is because we cannot send the products from "active" to "sold-out state" on Etsy. Also, when you get the order on the linked product on Etsy, you can import that order to Shopify. Eventually, it will update the inventory on Shopify as well.

Continue Selling when out of stock/Do not track inventory

If this option is selected on the Shopify products, you have no specific quantity on Shopify, and you can keep selling the products even when they go out of stock. Even if the quantity exceeds 1, that product will be available for purchase.

And In such cases, our app will send your products to Etsy as 999 so that such products won't go to the inactive section on Etsy.

You're Etsy inventory will revert to the correct number of stocks once you turn item tracking back on.

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